Buyer FAQs

Some frequently asked questions from people thinking of purchasing from us.

Why should I shop at Retail My Ride?

Shoppers at Retail My Ride are able to find attractive vehicles on consignment at prices that are typically 10-20% less than they would pay at traditional dealerships. Buyers benefit from below retail prices and a comfortable environment that enables anonymous, safe, and convenient private party transactions.

Who are the sellers?

Vehicles listed at Retail My Ride are sold by owners who would like to sell their car privately without the hassle, time commitment, and risk of doing it themselves. Most of our vehicles are consigned by consumers in the communities around our stores, but we also help businesses, fleet management companies, non-profit organizations, wholesale operations, banks, and credit unions with their vehicle remarketing needs. By removing traditional middlemen from the process, Retail My Ride  helps buyers and sellers save money…a true win-win.

Does Retail My Ride provide financing?

Absolutely! Retail My Ride  partners with a number of banks and financial institutions that can help with just about any purchase in almost any credit situation. Just fill out a short credit profile online, and a member of our lending team will contact you with next steps.

Can I have a mechanic check out the quality of the car?

Absolutely! While all cars listed at Retail My Ride  pass a New Brunswick safety inspection (e.g., brakes, tires, lights, and other operational items), we are not mechanics so we can’t personally evaluate the quality or condition of the vehicle that you’re buying. Fortunately, there are some great services out there, in addition to your local trusted mechanic, that can give you a greater comfort level regarding the quality and condition of your new ride. Pre-purchase inspections are available at most independent mechanics and generally cost about $100. Some people like to do this work on their own, but if you want to eliminate all the hassle, our Coaches are here to help! We can arrange an inspection with the mechanic or service of your choice, or recommend someone we trust – feel free to let us handle the process for you!

Can I purchase an extended service contract / warranty?

You bet! Retail My Ride  works with trusted warranty / service contract providers that can offer you competitive rates on coverage ranging from a basic 3 month plan to a comprehensive 5 year package. Service contracts are a great way to protect yourself against repair costs that may arise from vehicle issues after your purchase, and we will review available options at the time of purchase.

How do I know I’m getting a good deal?

Retail My Ride  vehicles are typically priced 10-20% below retail, and we will help you understand the value you receive by showing you the same market data that we use to help sellers price their vehicles. We want you to feel good about buying a great car at a fair price.

Are there any transaction fees for buyers?

Buyers at Retail My Ride will pay a processing fee of $499, DMV license and registration fees, and taxes (in NS 15%) that are passed directly through to the relevant authorities. Any other transaction fees earned by Retail My Ride are paid solely by the seller. You will have the ability to purchase or arrange ancillary services, such as service contracts and financing, but that’s totally up to you.

How is Retail My Ride different from a traditional dealership?

Retail My Ride  is a consignment store for cars. We are not a typical buy-low, sell-high auto dealer but instead offer a service that allows sellers to obtain a fair value for their vehicles without the hassle of selling it themselves. Retail My Ride  receives the same flat fee from our selling customers regardless of the sales price, so our staff does not care whether you buy a Ferrari or a Ford Focus, only that you have a great buying experience. We help you get cars at below retail prices, but we can also provide you with services you would find at a traditional dealership such as financing and warranties.

Why is shopping at Retail My Ride  better than going straight to the seller?

The Retail My Ride process is better than going straight to a private seller for a number of reasons:

  1. Selection – Retail My Ride offers a wide variety of attractively-priced vehicles at our easily-accessible retail stores.
  2. Expertise – We have access to mechanics, car enthusiasts, lending specialists, registration clerks, and other automotive professionals to answer any questions.
  3. Convenience – In addition to having stores in major retail areas, we offer the convenience of a traditional dealership – including financing, trade-ins, and extended service contracts – but you pay below retail prices.
  4. Safety – You work with us only. No dealing with strangers, no missed appointments, no uncomfortable face-to-face negotiations with the owner. It’s anonymous, safe, and easy.

What should I bring with me when purchasing a car?

We know buying a car can be a hassle, but when properly prepared, we aim to have you in and out within 30 minutes. Please bring the following:

  1. Driver’s license – Anyone who will appear on the title and registration will need to bring a driver’s license and sign the paperwork.
  2. Proof of insurance – Call your insurance company and have them add the vehicle you are purchasing to your insurance plan. They will typically need the VIN, and they can subsequently fax proof of coverage to us or email it to us.
  3. Payment – We accept cash, Certified Checks or bank Drafts
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